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Fujifilm's StorageIQ provides a simple, affordable, non-intrusive method for monitoring, validating and reporting on the performance, utilization and health of the entire physical tape library environment.

StorageIQ is an annual service and is powered by the Crossroads ReadVerifyTM Appliance (RVA®). 


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Maximize Utilization and Performance of the Tape Library
With the information provided in RVA's reports, an administrator can maximize and balance the utilization and performance of the library's tape drives.  This leads to: completing backup jobs on time, minimizing purchases of unnecessary drives, eliminating maintenance on unnecessary equipment and preventing premature wear of over-used resources.

Extend the Life of Tape Media and Drives
Proactively assessing tape media validity over its effective life, RVA tracks the capability of the backup system to read media and analyzes results over time.  Results are compared against a user-defined set of policies, and users are alerted to suspect media and drives before a backup failure occurs.

Minimize Data Risk
By monitoring the health and integrity of the tape drives and media, RVA provides a proactive indication of the data at risk.  RVA tracks and correlates reported media errors on tapes and drives over their effective life, providing the means to determine whether the media or device is operating below manufacturers' recommended standards.  By swiftly identifying the degrading asset, corrective action can be taken to quickly minimize risk to data.

Automated Reports and Real-Time Alerts

RVA reports on multiple tape and drive parameters, including hard and soft read and write errors, drive and library firmware version, drive performance, drive occupancy and utilization. RVA real-time alerts are individually enabled and configured to trigger at user-defined thresholds.  Reports and alerts can be emailed to multiple addresses.  Through an intuitive web-based console, RVA displays graphs and statistics on the library, tape drives and media, exposing tape subsystem metrics for quick analysis.  RVA provides a mechanism for third-party applications to access its database for expanded reporting capability.

Zero Impact to Storage Infrastructure
Data for the Library Monitoring and Alert Service is obtained through Crossroads RVA, a standalone, self-contained device that installs quickly into your Storage Area Network. RVA integrates seamlessly into your existing tape environment—there are no agents to install and no additional servers or components to purchase. Data collection is performed out-of-band of the backup or data application and has no impact on the existing backup infrastructure.


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