Ultrasound Video Endoscopes

Our Ultrasound Endoscopes provide excellent maneuverability and insertion capability.

In the endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) world, The FUJIFILM Endoscopic Ultrasound System featuring the Sonart SU-1 combines your insight and needs with our proprietary image processing technology. The reimagined system is an intuitive, easy-to-use, powerful system delivering advanced imaging in a compact design. See beyond the pathway, visualizing surrounding structures supporting diagnosis and helping to decide the treatment methods with FUJIFILM advanced imaging technology.

Ultrasound Video Endoscopes

While the EG-530UR2 radial scope provides unique forward viewing, the design of the EG-530UT2 convex scope permits passage of therapeutic devices and needle position guide on the ultrasound image. These scopes are to be used in conjunction with the SU-1 Ultrasonic Processors.

  EG-530UR2 EG-530UT2
Viewing direction 40° (Forward Oblique)
Observation range 3 - 100mm 3 - 100mm
Field of view 140° 140°
Distal end diameter 11.4mm 13.9mm
Flexible portion diameter 11.5mm 12.1mm
Bending capability    
  Up/Down 180°/90° 160°/160°
  Left/Right 100°/100° 120°/120°
Forceps channel diameter 2.2mm 3.8mm
Working length 1,250mm 1,250mm
Total length 1,550mm 1,550mm
Scanning mode Color Doppler, Power Doppler
Pulse wave, B-Mode, M-Mode
Color Doppler, Power Doppler
Pulse wave, B-Mode. M-Mode
Scanning method Electronic radial scan Electronic convex scan
Scanning angle 360° 124°
Frequency 5MHz/7.5MHz/10MHz/12MHz 5MHz/7.5MHz/10MHz/12MHz
Compatible Systems ELUXEO, EPX-4440HD,
EPX-4400HD, EPX-4400,
SU-1 Ultrasonic Processors
EPX-4400HD, EPX-4400,
SU-1 Ultrasonic Processors

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