Galaxy PH 256/80 HM

The Galaxy PH 256/80 HM is an 80 pL inkjet printhead offering complete fluid support and signal processing capabilities for hot melt jetting fluids at resolutions to 450 dpi.

Within the printhead’s jetting assembly, four electrically independent piezoelectric slices, each with 64 addressable channels, are combined to provide a total of 256 jets. The nozzles are arranged in a single line at a 0.010 inch distance between nozzles.


  • 80 picoliter calibrated drop size
  • Resolutions up to 450 dpi
  • 256 individually addressable, inline nozzles
  • Head Interface Board for serial data transmission
  • Ink reservoir, deaeration system, and fluid filter
  • Ink level sensor
  • Support for high viscosity hot melt fluids
  • Orientation independent
  • Temperature control

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