Fujifilm LP-NN2

LP-NN2 plate is developed exclusively for the Newspaper industry. The pre-press and printing conditions associated with Newspaper production were key to the design and development of LP-NN2.

Superb sensitivity and productivity The plate has good sensitivity making it compatible with the fastest platesetter systems available on the market.

Multigrain technology A complex grain structure, consisting of primary grain, honeycomb grain and micropores to an aluminium support. This 'multigrain' structure produces synergies that lead to outstanding printing efficiency, faithful tone reproduction, long process life and simple platemaking.

Reliable print performance LP-NN2 plate has been designed to stand up to the rigorous demands of the press hall. With most CTP plates the image will sharpen or reduce in size during the print run because of the aggressive press conditions. LP-NN2 has enhanced properties to resist image sharpening enabling the printed copy to remain consistent during the print run. The result is a longer running plate that will provide consistent printing results.

Wide exposure latitude LP-NN2 plate has a wide exposure latitude providing consistent press performance. With any laser power fluctuation often the image is quickly affected and with a laser power drop the image performance can suddenly drop. LP-NN2 image performance is more consistent over a wider laser power range thus ensuring reliable printing performance.

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