Oris Ink Saver

Automatic, Color-Managed Ink and Toner Reduction!

In most printing companies, the cost of printing inks or toners is a significant part of the total cost of printing. Additionally, color separations produced by different prepress suppliers can lead to instability in grey balance on the press when the complete job is printed. ORIS Ink Saver is based on award-winning CGS color management technology and the advanced 4D gamut mapping algorithms for color-managed, intelligent ink reduction. In a one-step, automatic process, ORIS Ink Saver significantly reduces the CMY components for all printed elements, and optimizes the black separation – while maintaining visual and colorimetric integrity.

ORIS Ink Saver goes far beyond ordinary Gray Component Replacement (GCR) and Under Color Removal (UCR). CGS’ advanced algorithms process line work as well as image data, using a true CMYK-to-CMYK process to match the true color appearance of the final piece. The process is also fully automated, using network hot folders. Once the optimum ink reduction level has been achieved, files are simply dropped into the appropriate hot folder and sent on to the RIP.

ORIS Ink Saver Benefits

The benefits of using ORIS Ink Saver go beyond the cost savings in CMY ink or toner – although these are significant (up to 25%). This is especially important for medium and large volume printing plants with a high volume of process ink usage.

Oris Ink Saver

  • A more stable gray axis, providing better press stability, superior color representation, easier press control and reduced make-ready time..
  • Faster ink drying time, resulting in improvements in run performance, printing speed and faster finishing.
  • Reduced total ink coverage with less print-through, resulting in the ability to print on lower weight paper, with significant savings in paper postal costs.

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