FUJIFILM - South Carolina opens waste conversion facility


GREENWOOD, SC – November 14, 2006 – FUJIFILM Manufacturing U.S.A., Inc., officially opened its aluminum sludge and waste conversion facility today. The new facility will convert aluminum sludge, which is the waste by-product of the pre-sensitized printing plate manufacturing process, into two new chemicals which will then be sold for use in industrial waste water treatment.

"The Aluminum Sludge and Waste Conversion Facility is a prime example of FUJIFILM's approach to sustainable development," said FUJIFILM president Nick Sekiguchi. "This facility will take the waste by-product from our pre-sensitized printing plate manufacturing process and convert it to Sodium Aluminate and Aluminum Sulfate - new product with economic value," Sekiguchi continued. "In this case, everyone wins. We avoid sending 3,000 tons per year of aluminum sludge to the Greenwood County landfill; the County landfill cells don't fill up as fast, and our partner company, C & S Chemicals, has increased business," said Sekiguchi.

The aluminum sludge, a chalk-like substance, will go through a series of chemical treatments with the end product being either Sodium Aluminate or Aluminum Sulfate. It is anticipated that treating 3,000 tons of aluminum sludge will yield about 2,000 dry tons of Aluminum Sulfate and 2,500 tons of Sodium Aluminate. The economics are that instead of paying thousands of dollars a year to dispose of the aluminum sludge and other waste by-products, FUJIFIM Manufacturing U.S.A., Inc., and its partner, will be selling the product of the conversion.

"C & S Chemicals, Inc., has been in business since 1980 and is a very successful business having dedicated over twenty years to providing its customers with quality aluminum products," said Johnny Udo, Director of the Medical Imaging & Screen Products Division and the Environmental, Health, Safety, and Regulatory Compliance. "We are looking forward to many years of success with C & S Chemicals as our business partner in this venture," explained Udo.


FUJIFILM Manufacturing U.S.A., Inc., began manufacturing operations in South Carolina in 1988. The Greenwood manufacturing complex is currently comprised of five high technology manufacturing plants, the Greenwood Research Laboratories, and the largest Fujifilm distribution center in the world. The 1,100 Associates employed at the 500-acre complex currently manufacture digital and conventional pre-sensitized plates, QuickSnap one-time-use recyclable cameras, color photographic paper, medical imaging products, and projection screens.

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