FUJIFILM - South Carolina phases out medical imaging products


GREENWOOD, SC – January 8, 2008 – FUJIFILM Manufacturing U.S.A., Inc., announced today that it has begun phasing out production of medical imaging products at its operations in Greenwood. It is anticipated that production of these products will be discontinued by April 1, 2008.

Over the past several years, the medical imaging industry has been undergoing a transition from X-ray film products to filmless diagnostic systems including MRI, CT scanners, ultrasound, and radiography. In fact, Fujifilm is the world market leader in digital radiography. Although Fujifilm Greenwood has been producing digital X-ray film products, the market shift to filmless systems has led to significant declines in the overall sales of X-ray film. As a result, FUJIFILM Corporation has decided to consolidate the production of all X-ray film to one facility in Japan.

The decision to discontinue finishing X-ray film in Greenwood will directly impact approximately 40-45 Associates. The company will make every effort to place as many affected Associates as possible in other positions within the company.

"The decision to discontinue our X-ray film finishing operation has been very difficult, and is not a reflection on the commitment of our workforce or the quality of their work," said FUJIFILM Greenwood president Nick Sekiguchi. "It is a consequence of rapidly changing technology in the medical imaging industry. Fujifilm Greenwood will continue to pursue manufacturing excellence in its remaining operations and will continue to promote the research and development of new products and new businesses that will support the company in the coming years.

Consolidation of production is part of Fujifilm's global plan to improve production efficiencies through structural reforms and the optimization of resources, which was announced in 2006. Prior to today's announcement, the most recent impact to the Greenwood complex was the consolidation of global QuickSnap camera production to Fujifilm Greenwood.


FUJIFILM Manufacturing U.S.A., Inc., began manufacturing operations in South Carolina in 1988. Today, 900 Associates are employed at the 500-acre Greenwood complex. They produce PS printing plates, color photographic paper, QuickSnap one-time-use recyclable cameras, and SCRAMscreens (projection screens). The site is also home to the Greenwood Research Laboratories and FUJIFILM's largest distribution center in the world.

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